Exercises To Gain Weight For Females At Home

 Nowadays, people are more conscious about their health and fitness, because people know money cannot buy health and they have to maintain proper diet and food habits to keep their health safe and more people wants to gain weight within a sort of time and this is not an easy task to the beginner and they have to maintain proper foods to become weight gainer. Here is the article that we are providing exercises to gain weight for females at home and we are giving some of the best foods that can make you healthy and keep fit always.

If you have thin body and you want to convert your body to high step by step, some of the girls have long hairs and they will get easily by making our exercises daily.

5 Exercises to Gain Weight for Females at Home

Push Ups

This is the best exercise for females to get their body mass and shapes and if you want to get proper shape, this is the main exercise that you have to do, there are several postures that you have to made, firstly half push up, front push up, back, open and diamond push up and that will also increase the arms and biceps.


It is another one exercise that you can add it your workouts, if you make 100 squats daily, that will increase intense of the body and also increase in the body. This is the awesome exercise for females, who want to gain weight, if you do in a proper way, you will get proper shape.

Triceps Dips

This is an easy and simple workout for females to gain weight and especially that will increase in legs and arms. This exercise was considered one of the best ways to reduce belly fat and good looks. It is a very simple exercise to do without any equipment.


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Crunches are one of the bets exercises to gain weight with reduction of belly fat and also it will increase intense and strength of the body and muscle. If you do bicycle and Ali crunches, that will make tight your core body and you may also get six packs.

Along with these exercises, you have to maintain proper foods like eggs, fruits, meat, fish and vegetables to gain weight and we have given best exercises to gain weight for females at home and also you can do everywhere.