How to treat cough in baby 

Growing pollution has raised various kinds of diseases and it not only affects the adults but also the toddlers. So, we will have to be very careful as most of them are contagious too. Amongst all the other diseases, toddlers mostly get held with severe cough due to climate change or it can either be through the contagious form so we will not only have to take care of the baby but also of ourselves so that neither of us suffers.

Don’t know how to treat cough in baby? Here’s a list of various cough treatment for babies


Honey has been scientifically proven to be a better remedy than any other medicines. Giving half a tablespoon of honey is all that you have to do to make your baby feel good and help them to get better sleep while they are sick. Buckwheat honey is the most preferred one for a quick result. Honey is highly recommended for kids at the age of 6 months to 5 years.

Warm or cold drink

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Thinning out the mucus is considered as one of the best ways to get rid of cough rapidly. Make your child drink warm or hot water as it reduces the thickness of mucus to a great extent which will let the toddlers cough up better and also lets your kid breathe fresh. Plus, liquids would soothe your kid’s sore throat.

Popsicle or crushed ice

Popsicle or crushed ice is the best choice for children of or above age 4 to get your kid out of a sore and scratchy throat. Sugar-free candies and frozen berries are the other alternatives that could be opted for the ease of throat.

Extra pillow

Using an extra pillow while going to sleep is the most-simple trick that can give your kid an instant relief from cough and also reduces their difficulty in breathing which will also let your kid sleep peacefully.

Vicks baby rub

If your child is 2 or older, then rubbing the chest while applying Vicks baby rub as it contains aloe, rosemary, lavender, and eucalyptus which is good to clear the congestion and will also help the baby to achieve a better night sleep.

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1 year old baby food recipes

When a woman becomes a mother, several responsibilities come along. One of the most important responsibility that she holds is taking care of her child’s nutrition. When proper care of the baby’s nutrition is taken, then the baby gets all the vitamins, minerals and immunity. If it’s not taken care of, then the baby might fall sick and many such health issues come along. So to put everything into perspective, the baby food menu for the 1 year olds should be considered very crucial and should be absolutely followed by all the new mothers.

Now we are going to explain about 1 year old baby food recipes. Check them out below;

While planning on the food menu for your 1 year old baby, every mom should consider the fact that fats and cholesterol are some of the most important elements that your baby requires during his early stage for the proper growth and development. The baby should consume at least 1000 calories per day. The worries like overfeeding might lead to obesity should be given up and proper nutritional foods should be provided to your kids.

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What the family intakes, can be consumed by the baby also but the only thing that should be taken care of is that the salt value should be always reduced when you feed your 12 month old baby. Cereals is a healthy start to the nutritional diet for the baby. The cereals like flaked corn mixed with milk can be good for the infants because it’s also easily digestible.

Cucumbers can also be better for the kid’s nutrition where a cucumber can reduce the chances of dehydration during hot weather. You can also feed your child a small bowl of soya granules which is obviously rich in protein and can add value to the nutritional diet for the kid. Adding to the above mentioned food items is the vegetable soup which is liquid in form and as per the kid’s nutritionists the soup helps a lot in building immunity because it contains all the vegetable nutrients and is also digestible for the babies.

I hope we have included all the information about 1 year old baby food recipes. Stay tuned for more updates.

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